November 16 – 18 2018

We Won’t Bounce Back

To discuss, explore and celebrate postpartum women and the bodies that have created life

Event Details


Where: TRU Clocktower
When: November 16th 2018, 7pm
Join us for the showing of part one the docu-series ‘Mid Drift’, followed by an expert panel Q&A style discussion.
Mid Drift is a docu-series about postpartum experiences around the world. It explores the harm of North America’s obsession with “body after baby” and hopes to shift the conversation to centre on the incredible experiences and community surrounding motherhood.
The expert panel includes Mid Drift Co-Founders; Mike and Angie Sonrode, Jennifer Campbell; Mother, Blogger, and Pre/Post Natal Health Expert, Cara Humphries; Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Deandra Tousignant; Expectant Mother and Registered Clinical Counsellor, and Natalie Avery; Mother and Midwife.
Entrance is by donation. Snacks, refreshments and merchandise will be available for purchase. Children are welcome.


Where: The Rex, 417 Seymour St.
When: November 17th 2018, 7 – 10:30pm
Come enjoy an evening of art featuring catered grazings, local drinks, a special Guest Speaker, an interactive art installation, a live painting demonstration, a silent auction, the postpartum bodies inspired collection by local Artist Patterns a Buzz and the Truth & Grace of Motherhood exhibit by Milk & Honey Photography.
Our Special Guest Speaker Tracy Penny Light, PhD. will be presenting “Bodily Expectations: The History of the Postpartum Body”
Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here:
Babes in arms are welcome.


Where: Location confirmation coming soon
When: November 18th 2018, 3pm
This women only workshop is bound to be a powerful day of sharing, self realization, love and healing. This event will be co facilitated by Mid Drift Co-Founder Angie Sonrode, Stork to Cradle Doulas Julie and Suvannah and Jennifer Campbell aka “Mama Lion Strong”, Co-Founder of Balance365. This event may be filmed by Mid Drift Film Makers to be used in the Mid Drift docu-series.
This event is free and pre-registration is required. All persons who identify as female are welcome. Babes in arms are welcome.
To register, please visit: Limited spaces available.


Mid Drift Showing on November 16th: admittance by donation – for full event details please see HERE

An Evening of Art on November 17th: Tickets $50 – for full event details please see HERE

Share & Heal on November 18th: admittance free (registration required) – for full event details please see HERE


Stork To Cradle Doula Care

Stork to Cradle Doula Care provides Kamloops families with knowledgeable, experienced and heartfelt services from pregnancy through early parenting. We work to help families have fear free and positive pregnancy, birth and early parenting experiences.
We believe that pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting can be a time of vulnerability, unknowns and of deep transformation. As such a time, we believe it deserves extra care, preparation and support. We want you to be heard, supported and informed at every turn in your journey.

Mid Drift Movement

Mid Drift Movement is a nonprofit organization engaging in community outreach, media, art, and film to change the conversation surrounding postpartum body image in our culture.
Mid Drift is also an in-production docu-series about postpartum experience around the world. America’s obsession with “body after baby” is harmful and we want to shift the conversation to center on the incredible experiences and community surrounding motherhood.
We believe that, in order to change the conversation, we must learn from other cultures that are serving new mothers in a more positive way.

Milk & Honey Photography

I have never been a colour inside the lines kind of girl. I look at the world with a sense of humour, and have never taken off my rose-coloured glasses. This is the kind of art I create. I would rather catch curious faces, eyes full of twinkles, and bellies full of laughs. My style is fun, whimsical, and upbeat. However, I have been known to throw in the odd dark and moody shots. I’m a natural light & studio light photographer, and photograph maternity, newborns and babies & families. As a photographer I crave a connection with my subjects, whether it’s capturing a tender moment between mother and child, catching an inquisitive expression, or reveling in the sleepy sweetness of a newborn. I’ve been featured on multiple covers of Kamloops Momma Magazine, Interior Wellness Magazine, TAOPAN magazine and I was honoured to be featured in an article in Kamloops Business Magazine (July 2011). I’ve been nominated for the Chamber of commerce business excellence awards and am an author and expert on baby safety, and a teacher of thousands of online photography students. I’ve had the honour of photographing over 700 newborns over the last 7 years.


My name is Melissa Charpentier. I’ve been a Kamloops resident since 2003, my specialty is in watercolor. In 2017 after giving birth to my second child and struggling with loving my postpartum body I did a call out to friends and family. I asked them to open themselves up send me a photo, I asked if I could paint the beauty of their stretch marks, soft baby belly’s, their beautiful curves and their stories. My hope was to illustrate a small collection of women but I was overwhelmed with the response I got, it was such fulfilling soul work. Illustrating the beauty in our diversity, in our body’s power to create life. Their stories, their struggles were loving illustrated using ink and gold accents. This series of images, these women helped me build a pillar of self-love not only for others but helped me be kinder to my own postpartum body. I’m honored to have been asked to share these works of art with you. There’s beauty to be found everywhere along the journey of our 4th trimester and beyond.

Tracy Penny Light

Tracy Penny Light is Associate Professor (History) and Coordinator of the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies program at Thompson Rivers University, Canada.  She was previously Director of Women’s Studies and Associate Professor in the Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies and History departments at the University of Waterloo (UW), Canada.  Her research explores the medical discourse on gender and sexuality in Canada and the United States in the twentieth century. Recent publications include Bodily Subjects: Essays on Gender and Health, 1800-2000(with Wendy Mitchinson and Barbara Brookes), and Feminist Pedagogy in Higher Education: Critical Theory and Practice (with Jane Nicholas and Renée Bondy).

Jennifer Campbell

Jennifer Campbell, also known as “Mama Lion Strong” is a pre & postnatal exercise and health expert, blogger, podcast host and mother. She is the co-founder of Healthy Habits Happy Moms and runs a successful health program Balance365 Life where she helps women tune in to their self worth and feel healthier, happier and stronger – without any of the diet dogma! Jennifer’s passion for what she does is paralleled only by her expert knowledge of the subject. She is all around inspiring and a very welcome addition to these events.


Mike & Angie Sonrode

Parents, Mid Drift Co-Founders and Filmmakers

Jennifer Campbell
Mother, Blogger, and Pre/Post Natal Health Expert

Cara Humphries
Mother and Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Deandra Tousignant
Expectant Mother and Clinical Counselor

Natalie Avery
Mother and Midwife

Melissa Babiuk Hubbard

Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Mother of Twins


A big thank you to all of the socially minded businesses that have helped make this event possible!


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